Tailor Made Air Distribution

  • Airflow Based on Given Requirements
  • Flawless Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Fast Installation
  • Appearance Upon Request
  • Investment Savings
  • Low Weight
  • Condensation Free

Fabric ducting and fabric diffusers, also known as fabric socks, textile diffusers, duct socks or air socks, represent a universal instrument for indoor air distribution. They allow for achieving excellent technical effects. Draft free air dispersion. Balanced airflow distribution. Short as well as long airflow reaches or sizing for achieving a certain velocity . They are suitable for ventilation, air-conditioning as well as heating.

Using the Prihoda Art technology, we manufacture diffusers in any color or with any motif. They are thus becoming an interesting part of every interior.

At Unitech, we are the exclusive distributors of Prihoda since 2005. We are experts of turn-key projects of fabric ducting, which includes commisioning, as well as after sales services.