Unitech International (PVT) LTD was originally conceived as Unitech Engineers in 1987 as a partnership firm by three college friends, Mr Tariq Suhail Butt, Mr Muhammad Haseeb Ilahi, and Mr Mudabbar Jaffri, and now boasts a 6000-square meter manufacturing facility along with an office building, located on Raiwind road, in Lahore.

 Furthermore, in 1996, Unitech entered into a know-how agreement with Packo Inox, Belgium for the under-licensed manufacturing of farm milk cooling tanks in Pakistan. This significant milestone in our company’s history catapulted us as the most sought-after manufacturer of stainless-steel milk cooling tanks owing to the superior manufacturing techniques acquired after the know-how agreement was implemented. Thanks to the modernised and advanced manufacturing practices  which complied with our European counterpart’s quality standards, Unitech was not only able to dominate the local market, but also entered in to the export market for stainless steel Milk Cooling Tanks.

Accrediting our high calibre manufacturing expertise of stainless-steel milk cooling tanks, we now boast an export market to multinational giants in Uzbekistan, Indonesia, UAE, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bangladesh.


  • 1987

    Incorporation of Unitech Engineers

    Unitech International (PVT) LTD originated as a partnership firm known as Unitech Engineers in 1987, established by three college friends: Mr. Tariq Suhail Butt, Mr. Muhammad Haseeb Ilahi, and Mr. Mudabbar Jaffri.

  • 1996

    License Agreement for Manufacturing

    In 1996, Unitech International-Pakistan entered into a know-how agreement with Packo Inox, Belgium for the manufacturing of Stainless Steel Farm Milk Cooling Tanks, and became the license partner of Packo Inox.

  • 1999


    In 1999, Unitech International-Pakistan evolved into a private limited company from a partnership firm.

  • 2000-2008

    Representing the best in the industry

    Unitech International-Pakistan achieved distinction by becoming the exclusive distributor for highly esteemed HVAC industry leaders worldwide.

  • 2020

    Market Leaders - Milk Cooling Tanks

    Over the period, Unitech International-Pakistan became the largest manufacturer of Milk Cooling Tanks in Pakistan, with a market-share well over 65%. In 2020, Unitech made it first export, and now boasts an export market in 8 countries, with a vision to enhance this number, with a firm belief in the quality and craftmanship of our product.