Fabric Ducting has many different names, from Air socks (or airsox) to textile diffusers, textile ducts, canvas ducts (they definitely are NOT made of canvas!), from textile ducting to air sleeves or even wind socks. We think Fabric Ducting & Diffusers is the most accurate term.

Prihoda products are usually acting as both supply air ducting (air transfer) as well as air distribution/diffusion into the occupied zone. We supply both types of system, (1) positive pressure distribution systems (supply air) and (2) negative pressure (extract /return air) ducting for exhausting air from rooms.

Advantages of textile diffusers and air distribution systems:
bullet Draught-free ventilation even with extreme high intensity of air replacement in the room (with distribution using a permeable or micro-perforated textile)
bullet High level of mixing of supplied air with the ambient air (with distribution using very high number of small holes)
bullet Washing in usual industrial washing machines to keep necessary cleanliness  (also disinfection is permitted)
bullet Elimination of corrosion of distribution air ducts
bullet Elimination of risk of condensation of water on surface of distribution systems (if permeable materials are used)
bullet Low weight
bullet Fast assembly and disassembly
bullet Fan noise suppression, no own noise
bullet Unconventional appearance, colour design optional
bullet Very reasonable price compared with metal sheets distribution systems and conventional diffusers


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Unitech International (PVT) LTD was originally conceived as Unitech Engineers in 1987 as a partnership firm. From 1987 till present, we have handled several HVAC system projects throughout Pakistan and our clients have mostly been the multinationals including Nestle, Engro Foods (now Royal FrieslandCompina), PepsiCo International etc.