tubular cooler

Pre-cooling of the milk before it reaches the milk cooling tank.

Advantages concerning energy:
bullet Free (!) heating of water from milk.
bullet Considerable savings when using well or mains water as pre cooling. Up to 50 % less energy consumption when cooling the milk.
Technical advantages:
bullet No maintenance. The Unitech tubular cooler need never be dismantled for cleaning purposes, contrary to a plate cooler or bundle tubular cooler!
bullet Easy cleaning, together with the milking machine.
Quality advantages milk:
bullet Immediate milk cooling slows bacterial growth.
bullet Low blend temperature during subsequent milkings. Less chance of bacterial growth.
bullet No seals, the milk is only in contact with stainless steel. This avoids pollution or contamination. Very reliable in comparison with plate cooler or bundle tubular cooler.
Financial advantages:
bullet The heated water can be used as drinking water for the cattle. The animals like to drink warm water. They drink more; the milk production remains stable, also during wintertime. Tests on the farm have proven this.
bullet Possible subventions for environment friendly solution
bullet Smaller cooling unit possible. This means lower investment
bullet Short return on investment (only a few years)
bullet Suitable for spring water
bullet Very long life expectancy
bullet No maintenance costs
The Tubular Cooler is the best solution for pre cooling the milk!

The milk is pre-cooled very rapidly with well water to a temperature of about 20°C. This means considerable lower energy consumption when cooling further down to 4°C (green curve).
The milk is cooled immediately (instant cooling ) below the critical limit of 10°C with ice water. The bacterial growth is halted at once (blue curve).


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