Milk Chiller (Ice Bank)

Horizontal open milk cooling tanks

The Unitech open milk cooling tank, type OM/IB with a built-in ice bank, uses ice water to cool the milk. This accelerates cooling by 50 % compared to a standard direct expansion system, without any risk of freezing the milk.

In times where the requirement of quality milk is more critical than ever, it is important that Being the world leader in ice bank systems, Packo has been developing and improving this technology for over 40 years. The evaporator coils in the ice bank are made of seamless copper tubes, ensuring a long lifespan. The ice bank stores a reserve of ice, which means that the cooling units don’t need to be switched on during milking. There is less risk of milk temperature increase thanks to this ice reserve, even in the event of power fluctuations. A powerful pump sprays the ice water on the outside of the inner tank, cooling the milk extremely fast. Bacterial growth doesn’t stand a chance!

If available, another added bonus is the fact that you can avail of cheaper night-rate electricity to build up your reserve of ice, thereby reducing operational costs substantially.


  • Very fast cooling in half the time compared to direct expansion
  • Smaller cooling units compared to direct expansion
  • Using off-peak electricity possible
  • Instant cooling is an option with a plate heat exchanger or tubular cooler


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